The Crawfords Do Pittsburgh

My parents and little brother came to town in honor of my graduation! They arrived late Thursday night - just in time for dessert. My mom always requests a mixed fruit tart for her birthday and since I sadly won't be there to celebrate with her this year, I whipped one up for their visit.

Mixed Fruit Tart

On Friday morning I took my last exam of college! Afterward, I met up with everyone for brunch at our favorite spot, Pamela's Diner. Then we drove to Indiana, PA to check out the Jimmy Stewart Museum. He's our favorite actor, so we jumped at the chance to see all the memorabilia housed in the library of his hometown.

Jimmy Stewart Museum

At the Jimmy Stewart Museum

Jimmy's Postage Stamp

His childhood bedroom.

Jimmy's Childhood Bedroom

His Los Angeles office.

Jimmy's LA Office

The rabbit from Harvey!

With Harvey

My favorite part of the whole museum was the crosswalk outside. Jimmy Stewart's voice announced when you could walk!

The Jimmy Stewart Museum in Indianna, PA

We drove back to Pittsburgh and had dinner at Big Jim's, which my parents had seen on the Food Network's Drive-Ins, Diners and Dives. They serve classic Italian food in epically large portions.

Big Jim's - As Seen on Drive-Ins, Diners and Dives

This picture is pretty crappy because my camera was on the wrong setting. But look at the size of my dad's calzone!

Blurry picture, but check out the size of that calzone!

This isn't the best picture of me, but Scott's expression is priceless.

Not a great picture of me, but I love Scott's expression!

We had a good time and enjoyed the food, but we all agreed that it looked tastier on tv.

Daddy and Adam at Big Jim's

In the middle of the night, I woke up with a stomach bug. Yuck! So we mostly hung around the house on Saturday morning until I was feeling better.

A trip to Anthropologie for some pretty latte bowls and a cute skirt completely cured me.

Latte Bowls

Thanks to Groupon, we scored some cheap tickets to a Gateway Clipper sightseeing cruise.

Gateway Clipper Cruise

We sailed around Pittsburgh's three rivers and saw some great views of downtown.

Skyline 1

Skyline 2

The football stadium, Heinz Field.

Heinz Field

The baseball stadium, PNC Park.

PNC Park

And the Duquense Incline.

Duquense Incline

We had a delicious dinner at the Church Brew Works and ended the night with a trip to Trader Joe's, since there unfortunately aren't any locations in Texas.

Next Up: Graduation!


  1. HEY!! My uncle just took me to Big Jim's this Friday!! :-D

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