Did I mention my family stayed at our apartment while they were here? Hotel prices were crazy expensive because of graduation and an NRA convention. Thanks to a couple air mattresses, it worked out pretty well. The only downside was that we only have the one bathroom. So Sunday morning went by pretty quickly with everyone taking showers. Soon, it was time to head up to the Pete for graduation!

Processing In

The Class of 2011 processing in for the ceremony.

Lots of Speeches

Benjamin Cardin, a Pitt grad and the Democratic senator from Maryland, gave the commencement address.


Since Pitt is so huge, only the PhD graduates got to walk. So after they did their thing, we were pronounced official alumni.

I made everyone pose for some graduation pictures before Mass at St. Paul's Cathedral. It was fun.

I'm a college graduate!

The Fam Minus Allie

Silly Faces

Then we had dinner at the Grand Concourse, a fancy restaurant in Station Square with a gorgeous view of the Pittsburgh skyline. We found out that its owned by Landry's Seafood, one of our favorite Houston restaurants. Needless to say, I'm thinking it will become our go-to special occasion restaurant.

Dinner at the Grand Concourse

I'm pretty sure they were tired of posing for pictures by this point...

Dinner at the Grand Concourse (I think they were a little tired of posing for pictures by this point!)

We ended the day with ice cream from Dave and Andy's.

Dave and Andy's Ice Cream

You can tell Scott was a big fan!

Scott's feelings towards ice cream

Unfortunately, that night Adam and my mom caught the stomach bug I'd had early in the weekend. My mom, being the tough lady that she is, managed to pull it together to get through the plane ride home. Adam spent his first day of summer rushing to and from the bathroom. I spent my first day as a college grad doing eight loads of laundry. In the midst of all that, I somehow managed to burn our comforter. I'm putting my degree to good use so far, right?

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