Generous Grad Gifts

Both sets of our parents gave me some very generous graduation gifts. Thanks so much, guys!

Our current bookshelf is not in very good shape. My old roommates and I bought it three years ago for twenty bucks at Ikea. Adam and I spray painted it blue, but it was the first thing we painted and we did a pretty terrible job. It also doesn't hold all of our books. Needless to say, I was really itching for some new bookshelves.


My parents graciously stepped in and gifted me with two white Carson bookshelves. My favorite blogger has these shelves in her living room and I've admired them for quite a while. So when Target marked them 25% off and my parents asked what I'd like for graduation, I emailed them the link in a jiffy. The shelves were supposed to be back-ordered for a while but I just got word from Target that they were shipped yesterday!

Adam's parents completely surprised me by gifting me a sewing machine! I'm not bad at sewing by hand, but I've never used a machine in my life. So reading the manual cover-to-cover and practicing on scrap fabric is going to be my summer project.

Sewing Machine

Of course, I immediately started brainstorming projects and drooling over fabric. I already purchased four yards of pretty turquoise fabric on clearance which I'm hoping to eventually turn into cushions for our dining chairs.

Does anyone out there know how to sew? Pointers would be much appreciated!


  1. Killer presents! I love those shelves and a sewing machine! So jealous! I am no help with pointers, but I tell you I love the turquoise fabric!! Can't wait to see all your accomplishments.

  2. Bookshelves and a sewing machine ... awesome! I want to learn how to sew once I'm out of grad school. :) (No time before that ...)

  3. I have that exact sewing machine! My advice: just read the manual. I taught myself to sew in the summer of 2005 with just the manual and a lot of trial and error. Start with something easy, like a pillow or curtains (believe it or not, curtains are really easy!). The hardest part is figuring out how to thread the needle and such... the sewing part is actually really easy!

  4. I sew :D
    I got a shark machine when I graduated high school from my grandma. It's not too hard. Just start sewing pieces of fabric together, and eventually you'll figure out what you're making.


You are awesome.