Drama, Drama, Drama

Together, Adam and I are all about sitcoms. We're all over shows like Seinfeld and Arrested Development. But when I'm watching something on my own {usually while I'm ironing or working on a craft project} I love a good historical drama. Romance, cute accents, pretty costumes - what more could you want?

My favorite feature films:

Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice.

Young Victoria

The Young Victoria.

My favorite miniseries:

North and South

North and South.



Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey.

Upstairs Downstairs

Upstairs, Downstairs.

I'm currently watching:

Lark Rise to Candleford

Lark Rise to Candleford.

I checked it out from the library because I didn't want to take over our Netflix Queue. I love our library. It's one of the things I will miss most about Pittsburgh when we move away one day.

I am loving Lark Rise so far. I am especially loving that there are four whole seasons of awesomeness!

P.S. Adam doesn't like to admit it, but he is a fan of historical dramas as well. The other day, I was ironing while watching an episode of Lark Rise. He was reading First Things online. He slowly migrated over to the couch and watched the rest of the episode with me!


  1. I'm watching Lark Rise through Netflix now as well! I do like it...though I'm daunted by how many episodes there are. I get stressed out by thinking that I have to watch them all, and oh my gosh, where am I going to find that much free time?!

  2. I just watched the first season of Downton Abbey! I loved it, although I have a hard time scrounging up sympathy for Mary in that last episode ... Is Lark Rise available in Netflix instant?

  3. oh, how i love historical dramas!

    downton is my new fave... although it's hard to like a lot of the characters. at least for me! but that doesn't stop me, haha.

    upstairs, downstairs looks good! i must watch.


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