Happy Birthday, Allie!

Today, my little sister is no longer a teenager! I miss her tons and really wish we could be there to celebrate with her.

Five Random Facts About Allie:

1. She is a nursing student at Texas Woman's University. In the fall, she'll officially start nursing school {with clinical and all that jazz} at the Houston campus. And she'll be rooming with her best bud Kailin!

2. She loves, loves, loves ice cream. She even had an ice cream themed graduation party.

3. This past January, she traveled to Ireland with the honors program at her school for ten days.

4. She loves reading sad books and watching sad movies. Hotel Rwanda is one of her faves.

5. She has really good taste. She is always finding great stuff at Goodwill - her latest finds were an Anthropologie dress and a J. Crew skirt.

Phipps Conservatory

Happy Birthday, Allie!

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