No Dessert Fridays

Key Lime Pie

I'm sure everyone knows that Catholics don't eat meat on Fridays during Lent. But did you know that Catholics used to avoid meat every Friday?

It wasn't until Vatican II that the no-meat-thing was changed to just Lenten Fridays. But Pope Paul IV recommended that all Catholics do a little extra something on Fridays, like abstain from an item of their choosing or perform a work of charity.

We know some Super Catholics who still choose to abstain from meat every Friday of the year. But...not eating meat isn't really a sacrifice for us. We really only have meat with dinner a few days a week. Not because we have anything against meat, just because we're cheap.

However, we do have a bit of a sweet tooth problem. We have dessert with lunch and dinner everyday. With lunch it is always oatmeal cookies. So that barely counts, right?

A while back, we started abstaining from dessert on Fridays. And we love it! Well, by love it I mean that we really miss our sugar rush. But that's kind of the point.

Skipping dessert on Fridays helps us to remember Good Friday and the Savior who died for our sins. We're planning to make this a family tradition for many years to come.

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