Happy Birthday, Mom B!

So, this post is a tad late, but today is Adam's mom's birthday! We wish we could have been there to celebrate with her. Especially because they had dinner at Landry's. Without us. Again!

Five Random Facts About Mom B:

1. She really, really loves to quilt. And she's amazing at it! She's even part of the quilt ministry at church.

2. She loves watching crime shows like NCIS and Burn Notice.

3. She has a long-standing tradition of making tons of Christmas cookies every year. Like over a thousand!

4. She's from Delaware and she doesn't appreciate it when people forget all about her home state.

5. Her maiden name is Casey. And her first name is Kathy. Her parents didn't give her a middle name so that her initials could be KC - neat, right?

Adam 27 - Christmas

Happy Birthday, Mom B!

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