Rednal Retreat

We spent most of the weekend at Rednal, the Newman Center's retreat house. The retreat actually started on Thursday, but we weren't able to join everyone until after work on Friday. Thanks for providing transportation, Kristin!


We arrived just in time for dinner and a gorgeous sunset. Then we made a campfire, had s'mores, and sat around singing Disney songs. Father Josh and Brother Dennis knew all the words to A Whole New World. Hilarious!


On Saturday morning, Adam and I woke up extra early to take a walk in the countryside. It was so pretty.


However, we are not so pretty first thing in the morning!

Not so pretty first thing in the morning

Due to the general craziness of life, we haven't been on a retreat since September 2009 - back when I was a junior and Adam was a sophomore. It was on that retreat that we started seriously contemplating getting married the following summer. Nope, we weren't engaged yet. But like most couples, we chatted about marriage before things were actually official.

So, basically, Rednal is a special place for us. We love being there. Pretty much since school's been out for the summer, we haven't been doing so well in the God department. I am blaming it on our schedule getting thrown off. But this retreat gave us the kick in the pants we needed to get things back on track.

We spent the rest of Saturday in prayer, listening to a talk, and enjoying the outdoors. After dinner, it was time to head back to Pittsburgh.

Father Josh and Brother Dennis

Father Josh and Brother Dennis.

The Whole Gang

The whole gang.

How was your weekend?

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