The Magnificat


Adam and I tend to have pretty different approaches to spending money. Most of the time, Adam is able to contain my spendy ways, but when our birthdays roll around, it's a whole different story.

Case in point, when we each received a $50 check from Adam's generous grandpa as a birthday gift. I immediately headed to the clearance rack at Anthropologie. Two skirts and a few latte bowls later, my birthday check was a goner.

Adam, on the other hand, thought about what to do with his gift for two full months. He finally settled on the Magnificat, a magazine with daily prayers and mass readings. But, of course, he ordered a free copy first and then committed to a year's subscription.

We love it! And sure get a lot more use out of it than those skirts from Anthro. Let's just say I'm glad he's slowly rubbing off on me!


  1. We went to Hasta La Pasta last night and LOVED it! Great recommendation!

  2. ha - I probably would have done the same thing as you!


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