Wedding Week: Presents

We are going the traditional route with anniversary gifts. It just makes things so much easier.

The traditional gift for first anniversaries is paper. We set a $50 total budget, or $25 per person.

I should note that since getting married, we're not into surprise gifts anymore. We're pretty poor and so, to us, the ideal gift is something we've been really wanting rather than a thoughtful idea that is sweet but not really necessary. You know what I mean?

At first, we started brainstorming separately and came up with a few things.

Rifle Paper Co.

Some monogram stationary from Rifle Paper Co.

Penguin Classics
{image via}

A few pretty hardcover Penguin Classics that we love to collect.

Ticket Stubs{image via}
Tickets to a concert or event. Unfortunately, Steelers tickets were a little out of our price range.

After thinking those possibilities over, we decided to pool our funds together and spend our whole budget on a joint gift - a family bible.

Family Bible

It's the perfect gift, we must admit.

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