Brighter is Better

So, pretty much my favorite activity is getting an Icee at Target and checking out all the little clearance spots. Sisters are the preferred companion for this outing, but husbands will work in a pinch.

At the old Target, near the grocery store, you can only find an Icee of the fruit variety, which just doesn't compare with Coke, or even better, Dr. Pepper. But, luckily Pittsburgh just happened to get a fancy new Target, which just happens to sell the much missed Coke Icees.

Over the weekend, Adam treated me to a Target trip. As we walked around with our Icee, we stumbled upon a few gems in the home decor clearance aisle. Pillow shams, a bed skirt and an oversize key. Adam actually liked these finds and therefore let them into the cart without too much grumbling.

So, our bedroom went from this...

Bedroom July 2011

...to this.


Less black, more blues and greens. The bed skirt is hard to see in this picture, but it's teal with white polka dots. Also, the oversize key isn't officially a clearance item right now, we just came across a slightly damaged one.

It's definitely not a major change, but for the less than $20 price, I am pretty pleased.

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  1. oooh love the key! I have such a thing for keys right now!


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