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Downton Abbey premiered last night in England. I can't believe us Americans have to wait all the way until January to watch the latest season. I tried to convince Adam that we should just spend autumn in London, but no such luck.

Speaking of fall, it's pretty much arrived here in Pittsburgh. The temperatures have been in the sixties lately. I am so excited! My favorite part of the season is the food, of course. I can't wait to whip up a nice bowl of chili and some pumpkin bread. Oh, and apple pie! The fun fall activities don't hurt either. Football games, Halloween, the Newman Center barn dance {complete with hay rides, square dancing and an apple bobbing contest.} Now if we could just think of creative Halloween costumes...

Pumpkin Patch

Speaking of football, Pitt announced yesterday that they're leaving the Big East and moving to the Atlantic Coast Conference. Syracuse is jumping ship for the ACC as well. All the conference hopping going on lately has been crazy! It should be exciting though, especially for basketball, since they'll now be in the same conference as Duke and UNC.

Pregame show

Not related to any of the above, we got to hear a lecture by Scott Hahn, a Catholic author and theologian, on campus this week. He's really cool. And, we hung out with Steve and Elizabeth {Adam's brother and sister-in-law} over the weekend. There might have been an entire pan of brownies involved. Alex, also a brother of Adam, introduced us to a new favorite board game, Carcassone. It's pretty fun.

Settlers of Catan

Well, I think that's enough randomness for a Monday morning. Hope your week's off to a good start!

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  1. Awesome trailer for Downton Abbey! And I'm pretty excited that it's fall, too. :)


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