Baby Steps: Maternity Clothes

I'm basically in maternity clothes territory now! Over the last few months, I've collected a maternity wardrobe, mostly thanks to the clearance rack at these lovely stores.

Maternity Logos

The former accounting major in me is keeping track of all our baby expenses {so I can be like, see having a baby won't send you into bankruptcy}. Here's a little budget breakdown, courtesy of my nerdy side.
Under $10

- 6 Short Sleeve Tees
- 4 Long Sleeve Tees
- 3 Dresses
- 1 Sweater
- 1 Pair of Pajamas
- 2 Pairs of Tights

Under $20
- 2 Pairs of Jeans
- 4 Camisoles

Under $50
- Winter Coat

Total Spent: $258.04 for 19 items.

That is A LOT of money to spend on clothes for myself, trust me! But, I tried to just pick up the basics, nothing trendy at all, so I won't mind wearing these outfits for years to come. And, really, for an almost complete new wardrobe, it's really not too bad. I mean, I could have bought one coat at Anthropologie instead.

I am planning on wearing all my pre-maternity cardigans to get through the long winter. If I'm ever pregnant in the summer, I'll just need a swim suit, a few skirts/shorts, and I'll be set!

I do need to brag on my favorite maternity item. I am a huge fan of camisoles and wear them every day. But, pretty much as soon as I saw that positive pregnancy test, my old camisoles weren't quite cutting it anymore.

When you've got a modesty situation on your hands, who do you turn to? The Mormons, of course! I ordered some new camisoles from Shade, a Mormon clothing company.

I am in love. They are nice and long and come up several inches higher than my pre-maternity camisoles. I am so happy to not be constantly yanking my camisole up to its proper place. That's modest done right. Alright, I am done gushing about undergarments now!


  1. Wow! I've never heard of Shade! They have some really cute stuff and not too badly priced!! I'm putting that in the books for future pregnancies! I've said it once, I'll say it again. You are super impressive! Role Model!

  2. Thanks for the tip about Mormon camisoles! ;) I'll have to check those out.

    I am really blessed in that even before I was wearing maternity clothes, a friend of a friend who was my size gave me a bunch. And they are *nice*--I can tell she spent money on them!

    To be honest, I tried stuff on at Target the other day--dresses mostly, and one henley shirt--and they didn't fit. :( The dresses ended up being weird either on top or on the bottom, and the shirt was really odd at the shoulders ... so I don't think I'll be able to wear their maternity clothes. I do need some dresses, so maybe I'll stop by Gap and Old Navy and see what they have; I have a feeling I'll have to spend some extra money to get stuff that fits me, though; which is maybe okay since I didn't have to buy any jeans etc.


You are awesome.