Recent Projects

So, we have an arm chair and side table in a corner of our living room, which we like to call our little reading nook.

Living Room June 2011

Black chair + black table + black lampshade = too dark for our tastes. Something had to go. So, I whipped out a $2 sample jar of No-VOC paint and transformed the table into something a little cheerier.

Yellow Side Table

Man, oh man, that table would have been so much easier to spray paint! I spent an hour and a half every night for four nights painting that sucker by hand. I mean, I was watching Parenthood the whole time, but still. Intense. While I was at it, I added another of my favorite turquoise Martha Stewart fabric boxes under the table to stash library books and such.

And, on to project numero dos. Enter, our boring beige desk chair. It's originally from Home Goods, purchased for $50 with a wedding gift card.

Living Room June 2011

Well, it was boring. So I made a slipcover! I used some pretty fabric found on clearance for $5 a yard. I browsed a lot of tutorials on the world wide web and ended up following this one the closest. But I basically winged the whole project. I managed to sew the seat piece and the back piece just fine. Putting those together was the tricky part. There may have been some fabric glue involved in the end. The legs also got a coat of white paint, leftover from our nightstands.

Parson Chair Slipcover

I can just imagine it with our future white Ikea desk. We'll have to keep saving those pennies! Also, the globes on top of the bookshelf are new-ish. The smaller one is from the clearance rack at Home Goods and the larger one is from Ebay. It's from the 1950s. The history major in me thinks it's so neat to see how many countries have changed in the last fifty years.

I'm putting myself on a project ban till the end of the year. It is time for a break! I plan on doing nothing besides knitting my scarf for the next two months.


  1. Wayyyyyy cute. I'm impressed with your slipcovering! I love how the desk chair turned out!

  2. You're such an ass kicker! I need you to come to my house!

  3. You should totally blog about your scarf and join the Yarn Along at Small Things! :)

  4. Great job on the chair :)


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