Baby Steps: Wait or Find Out?

Well, we've come to the conclusion that we're going to save the big gender reveal until Baby makes their grand entrance into the world. Here's our thought process:

Baby Clothes
{outrageously cute baby clothes from the gap}

Gender Neutral Baby Gear. Of course, it just makes sense to purchase the big ticket items {stroller, car seat, swing, etc} in a neutral color scheme so they can be passed down to future siblings. We're also hoping that Baby will have a mostly gender neutral wardrobe. Don't worry, there will be plenty of baby girl dresses or baby boy button downs for church and other outings. But for days when we're just hanging around the house, yellow & green sleepers or jeans & solid/striped tees when they're a little older will work just fine. Hopefully, if we have a girl, she won't mind wearing cute hair accessories to help avoid any confusion!

Gender Neutral Nursery. We will be upgrading to a two-bedroom apartment next August. But we won't be purchasing or even renting a house until Adam is done with grad school. We do plan, God-willing, to have a little sibling for Baby sometime before grad school is over. So that means Baby will eventually be sharing his or her room. While I would love to completely redecorate if they happen to be of opposite genders, that just doesn't make sense financially.

Life's Greatest Surprise. It really doesn't get more surprising than hearing "It's a Girl!" or "It's a Boy!" for the first time as your baby enters the world. We would love to experience that at least once. Although, we will probably only wait it out this one time. We totally understand the reasoning behind finding out and getting to bond a little more with the baby while still in the womb. And I don't think we'll have the patience to do it again!


  1. I've heard that even if you wait to find out the baby's gender, people end up giving you a bunch MORE baby stuff for that gender after he/she's born. So maybe you'll have plenty of both gender neutral and specific stuff. :)

    We are not waiting! ;) Our ultrasound will be in four or five weeks, and so long as baby cooperates, we want to know. :)

  2. Rosemary's right - in the week's after Sly was born, we were given the same amount of clothes we'd been given at the shower. In other words, a TON!

  3. Gap baby clothes are so, so adorable. Sometimes I wish they made them in big people sizes. I would totally buy that little pink sweater! Haha.

  4. such a fan of this!

  5. I'm sure the anticipation will be so sweet! And the moment, the 'big reveal'--wow. I can only imagine. Congrats!!



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