Gallery Wall

While we were at Ikea picking up our nightstands, I grabbed a few more Ribba frames. Over the weekend, I finally got around to adding another row to the frame wall in the living room.

It used to look something like this...

Living Room June 2011

But with $20 more worth of frames, it now looks something like this.

Gallery Wall

Want a close-up of our completely random art collection?

Gallery Wall

1. Katie Daisy print, bought with some birthday money.
2. A little painting I made of Texas with a heart over Houston.
3. Two photo strips mounted on card stock.
4. A vintage Orangina ad we found at a flea market in France.

Gallery Wall

1. A map of the British Isles found in Edinburgh.
2. A print from our anniversary trip to West Virginia.
3. A poster from Adam's dorm days, of a polar bear eating cereal.

Gallery Wall

1. Scrabble tiles mounted on card stock.
2. The American flag I was given when I became a citizen.
3. Another Katie Daisy print.
4. Another little painting of Pennsylvania with a heart over Pittsburgh.

If I could do it over again, I would move all the frames up a little higher. But it's definitely not worth all the extra holes in the wall to fix that!

The special state paintings were super easy. I just printed out clip art of TX and PA, traced them onto 5x7 canvases {a pack of three is only a few bucks at Michael's with a 40% coupon} and carefully painted around the state with craft paint. Up close they are far from perfect, I promise.

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  1. I can't wait until we get everything unpacked and decorated at our new place! I think I might copy you and do a room-by-room blog tour of the place :-)


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