Baby Steps: First Trimester

First Trimester

We're officially out of the first trimester! We've gotten to hear Baby's heartbeat and see he or she tumble around during an ultrasound, but the whole thing still feels a little surreal. I can't wait till I'm showing more and we can feel Baby move for the first time.

I get asked all the time how I'm feeling and, honestly, I am feeling pretty great! Morning sickness really hit me around week six and slowly got a little better each week, until it completely disappeared around week twelve.

Since then, I've gained a new symptom - getting really, really hungry all of a sudden and needing to eat right that instant. Sometimes this happens during my middle of the night pee breaks and I have to grab a snack before I can fall back asleep.

I have to say, the weirdest pregnancy symptom so far has been my constantly runny nose. Yep, that's actually related to being pregnant! It even has a fancy medical name - rhinitis of pregnancy.

Next week, we are going in for another prenatal appointment, where the doctor will give us a prescription for the big gender reveal ultrasound. Do you think we're planning to find out or wait? What would you do?


  1. Find out!!

    There are a TON of pregnancy symptoms they don't tell you about--morning sickness and peeing all the time, sure, everyone's heard of those. But runny noses, heartburn, gas, abdominal cramping, etc etc etc ... those are seldom mentioned!

  2. For some reason weeks 9 and 10 look bigger to me than 11-14! It's so hard to see anything before the second trimester!

    If it were me, I'd definitely find out boy or girl for the purposes of getting a nursery decorated. Also, I have a feeling I'll be super-stressed about picking the "perfect name" when we have kids, so it would be good to only worry about one gender's worth of name choices. Haha! But y'all don't have to do the nursery thing until you move, at which point you'll already have the baby... so you could easily wait and be surprised!

    I'm so glad everything is progressing so well! I'm keeping y'all (and Baby!) in my prayers. :)

  3. I just saw you're expecting!! We're super happy for you-- know you'll be in our prayers! :-D

    We loved finding out because we could call Katherine by her name (prior to knowing her sex we just called her Joey). There is definitely something to be said for getting to know your baby as a "person" rather than a "him or her" too though.

    We'll probably find out the sex on all our kids, but I have to say I admire the patience of people who wait. :-)

    Keep smiling :)

  4. 1. So what are you gonna do when you grow too big to wear the same outfit each week? hehe

    2. I recommend finding out. As for nursery decorating, if I were you, I would try to keep most decor pretty gender-neutral! I assume you guys hope to have more kids in the future, and nursery stuff/strollers/bouncer chairs, etc. are expensive! Try to get ones that will def work, no matter which gender. BUT, gender-neutral baby clothes is another issue. It's almost impossible to find it. So it's nice to know what type of clothes to get.

    Also, even though the baby's inside you, and moving around, and very much alive...it's hard to feel like you really KNOW him or her. But if you know the gender, it's like one big thing that helps you get to know them a little better. And that way, too, if you're able to settle on a name for the baby before it's even born...your baby just seems so much more "real".

    3. Yeah, there are many physical sufferings from pregnancy that they don't usually tell you about. And many others that hit you after birth, that are just as unpleasant (if you're curious, ask me in a private e-mail! Some of them are kinda gross...haha). It's all worth it, though!

  5. I say let it be a surprise! But hey, what do I know. No baby here. I just think the idea of being completely surprised makes you have to trust the Lord for a lot more of the little things cause you can't plan as many of the details. And as Allie says, life needs more surprises! But, I think whichever way y'all decide will work out, cause soonish there will be an adorable baby Burch to be loved, boy or girl!

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