Highs and Lows

Highs and Lows


Adam: A big {but hush, hush} interview going better than expected.

Caitlin: Fall food. Since I'm pregnant that's allowed to be the best part of my week, right? I'm loving everything apple or pumpkin flavored right now. And I might have had tomato soup with cheese & crackers for lunch pretty much everyday...


Adam: Umm, the math GRE. No surprise there. He doesn't get his scores back for a while {not that he's really expecting to do horribly or anything} but let's just say he's glad to never have to take that again.

Caitlin: I always have productive plans for Fridays {cleaning was on my agenda today} but I always end up sleeping in super late and getting absolutely nothing done.

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  1. We're all about the pumpkin over here too! Luckily Allie has been baking me pumpkin delights for the past few weeks. So yummy! Tell Adam good luck on his interview!


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