Pitt vs. South Florida

We haven't been getting out much lately. Of course, there's the whole fatigue and nausea thing that early pregnancy brings. And I've been teaching pretty much every weekend lately. Basically, it's been a boring two months.

However, I am feeling much better now and have no weekend work for the entire month of October, so we have lots of fun planned. We kicked off the month with our first Pitt football game of the year last Thursday night.

Now, it's no secret that Pitt football isn't having the best season so far. We headed to the game expecting South Florida, a ranked team, to crush our Panthers. But, somehow, Pitt totally came through and ended up winning, 44 to 17. Such an exciting game!

Pitt vs South Florida

Happy Panthers.

Pitt vs South Florida

Action Shot.

Pitt vs South Florida

When the home team gets into the red zone, everyone yells "Ketchup!"

Pitt vs South Florida

Pitt doesn't have the most dedicated student section. It started drizzling in the fourth quarter, and despite Pitt's amazing performance, the stadium quickly emptied.

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