Baby Steps: Grown Up Stuff

We've checked a few things of whoa-we're-going-to-be-parents list lately.

At Eighteen Weeks 2
An 18-week ultrasound pic I forgot to share...

Life Insurance. The value of Adam's thirty-year policy is ten year's of his current {well, as of this summer} salary. The value of my thirty-year policy is about the cost of hiring a nanny/housekeeper for ten years. Always, always, always get term life insurance, not whole life. Turns out, life insurance is pretty cheap when you're our age!

Writing a Will. We really have no money to pass on, so this was just for guardianship purposes. We downloaded the form online and filled it out ourselves. So, whenever we need to change something, we can easily edit it, print out a new copy, and get it notarized. I'm sure we'll need a lawyer to help us with one eventually, but for now this suited our needs just fine.

Health Insurance. For the first six months of our marriage {2010} we bought student health insurance from Pitt. It's about $1,200 per semester per person. Then, last January, a law went into effect that allows married children to stay on their parents' health insurance until they're 26. We saved a lot of money in 2011 thanks to that law!

I'm on my parents' insurance, Adam's on his parents' insurance, so all we needed to do is purchase some insurance for Baby to tide us over until Adam's new job starts, right? Not so fast. You see, you can't get someone health insurance until they have a social security number.

When you deliver in a hospital, you get two separate bills - one for the mom and one for the baby. Normally, the parents' health insurance just pays the baby's bill, as long as you enroll them in the plan within thirty days. But neither of our parents' insurance plans would foot the bill because they only cover dependent grandchildren {like in a teen mom situation}.

How could we get Baby insured from birth? Luckily, student health insurance came to the rescue. You're really only allowed to enroll at the beginning of the school year, but due to some impressive convincing on Adam's part, they let him enroll on January 1st. So, when we get to the hospital for delivery, we'll just give them Adam's insurance info for the baby's bill and make sure to add our little one to his plan within the month.

Goodness, health insurance is confusing! I know socialized medicine isn't perfect, but at least there are no medical bills to worry about during traumatic, or even joyous, life events.

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