Dream Living Room

We'd like to have a big family one day. So, we'd like to have a big house. Definitely not huge by any means. Everyone will be sharing a room, for sure. But we think it'd be cool if the first floor was basically one giant room. That way everyone would be forced to spend lots of time hanging out together!

Dream Living Room

I saw this living & dining room in the February issue of House Beautiful and pretty much fell in love with the layout. Not the style or color scheme, just how the furniture is arranged.

Dream Living Room

I love that there's a dining area, a tv watching area, and a board-game-playing area all in one room. Plus, I'm a definite sucker for built-in bookshelves. Of course, I'd make just a few tweaks, like...

- Switch the ottoman and the coffee table around. Totally makes more sense to have a coffee table in the board game area and an ottoman in the tv area.

- Swap out the china cabinet in the corner for a piano, so the kids can practice.

- Swap out the random giant acorns in the other corner for a couple big baskets filled with toys, blankets and extra pillows.

- Remove a few of the unnecessary stools, chairs and side tables. So there's just a couch and two arm chairs in each seating area, which would leave plenty of room for kids to run around.

Not that we're buying a house anytime in the near future. But a girl can dream, right?


  1. You never know... last time I wrote on my blog that we "weren't buying a house anytime in the near future," we closed on our lovely home six months later. :) God has a funny way of not revealing His plans until the last minute sometimes!

  2. Those giant acorns are kind of random! Amazing space, though!


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