Piggy Bank

2011 was the first full calendar year that we made it a priority to donate a portion of our income. Catholics have an obligation to care for the upkeep of the Church, but its up to the individual to decide the amount they should give.

I've heard our bishop say the amount should fall somewhere between giving so little you don't notice at all and giving so much that you can't put food on the table. Our bishop does give some guidance as to how you might apportion the amount you've set aside to donate - 60% to your local parish and 40% to charities you consider worthwhile.

So, at the beginning of the year, we decided on a percentage of our income. But, instead of putting that amount in the offering every week, we took the percentage out of each paycheck and put it in a savings account. Because we have several different sources of income {we each had three jobs in 2011, plus various scholarships and grants} we thought it would be simpler to just wait until the year's end.

Then, at the end of December, we emptied the savings account and divided it up like this:

20% - The Newman Center at Pitt
20% - Our church here in Pittsburgh
20% - The church we grew up attending in Houston
15% - Catholic Charities {domestic social justice programs}
15% - Catholic Relief Services {international social justice programs}
4% - The military's archdiocese
4% - A local pro life pregnancy crisis center
1% - First Things {a religious journal Adam reads online daily}
0.5% - The public library
0.5% - The public radio station

Once Adam starts his new job this summer and we only have one paycheck, we'll start giving to our parish every week instead of once a year. Only one paycheck! Can you imagine how much easier our taxes will be?

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  1. I like that system. For various reasons, we also waited until the end of the year this year (from June 25 onward, at least). But we didn't do the savings account idea, so we had to add it up at the end of the year (which really wasn't too hard--compare my July paycheck with my last 2011 paycheck, and estimate how much Chuckie made through his parents' business). Then we figured out how much to give, and divided up among a few different churches, religious orders, and charities. I don't know about 2012, but eventually I'd like to have a little more order to it like you did.


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