Baby Steps: Second Trimester


Y'all, next week officially marks the start of the third trimester. We are getting more and more excited every day to meet Baby. And to have the boy or girl mystery revealed. We are dying to know!

I seriously have no complaints from the second trimester. It's been so great to have all my old energy back. Although, lately, Tums have become my best friends...

Adam finally got to feel Baby kick around the middle of December. Baby seems to be most active at night, right before we go to sleep. Looks like we've got a night owl on our hands. Our church has perpetual adoration, so once a week Adam has a Holy Hour in the middle of the night. Last week, he said that when he came home, Baby was kicking up a storm. I don't know why, but it seems so crazy to me that Baby can be wide awake while I'm sound asleep!

On Monday, I did the glucose test for gestational diabetes. I also had to get a shot because I have negative blood and Adam has positive blood. You don't want that stuff mixing. So, I get to the doctor's office and my nurse asks if I mind having some nursing students observe. The more the merrier, I say.

Well, once we get in the room, the nurse asks, "Right or left?"
I say, "How about my left arm?"
She laughs. I'm confused. She says, "Oh, this isn't going in your arm, honey."

And that's how I ended up mooning a room full of nursing students.


  1. Oh, boy! Funny, funny shot story. Loved it.

    Secondly, glad to have more belly bump pictures. Give the people what they want. And by george, I want the bump. Except, yours is cute...too cute. It makes one person I now lose self-control and desire to pregnant again...i.have.issues.

    I, too, and dying to know Baby Burch's gender. Your pregnancy is flying! So, so, so very exciting.

    Finally, loved the picture of Adam...totally caught me off guard. Pregnancy doesn't look so good on him... :)

    1. I may or may not already want to have another baby...it's a problem. When I see the siblings I nanny for acting cute together or Katherine and Audrey's sweet antics, I just can't help it! There's nothing sweeter than little sibling love.

  2. Yay a baby post! I have never been more thankful that Jeff and I have the same blood type (actually, I was never really thankful for that at all up until now...haha!). I absolutely hate shots. I still cry every time I have to get a blood test or something. Sometimes I think we'd already have kids by now if I wasn't so terrified of IVs and needles and blood tests and shots. I'm still mustering up the courage! The thought of getting an epidural is like a gazillion times scarier to me than the thought of pushing a human out of my insides.

    Anyway, you look positively lovely, and I LOVE that photo of Adam. Too funny! You're going to have a beautiful baby to hold so soon... that's just so exciting!

    1. I promise it's not too terrible! You just have to get blood work done twice, once at the very beginning and once in the second trimester for gestational diabetes.

      My mind is definitely not made up on this, but I'm sorta with you on the epidural thing. It freaks me out that you have to be totally still, while you're having contractions and all that, for them to get the needle in right. And you usually have to get a catheter put in when you get an epidural. Not so fun. But, who knows? I'm just trying to think about this whole labor thing at the moment!

  3. Haha!! Loved the picture of Adam! I'm so excited for you--you're getting so close! Thanks for posting the pics & update! :-D

  4. Baby being more active at night is a pretty common thing - your movements during the day sorta rock them to sleep. When you finally stop moving (and hope to get a little sleep yourself) is exactly when the little ones start to party. The third trimester is usually a time of lost sleep....which doesn't help of course, because as soon as baby is born, his or her internal clock is totally backwards (used to sleeping all day, and being up all night). And then you have to deal with all that craziness for a few weeks. Hope you guys have a parent willing to stay with you right after the birth! It helps to take shifts...

    I'd like to tell you it gets easier from here on out, but...it really doesn't. haha. Yeah, definitely not. But Baby's birthday is getting so much closer, so hopefully that thought will carry you through!


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