Baby Steps: Nursery Ramblings

I couldn't resist this perfectly-color-coordinated cutie when I spotted him on the Anthro clearance rack. He's supposed to be a cow, but Adam says he looks more like a donkey and has named him Dominick {after a rather unfortunate Christmas song}.

Dominick the Donkey

We've finally saved enough in our furniture fund {aka our credit card cash back} for our dream desk! It's too big for our apartment right now, but we'll be hitting Ikea as soon as we move. Next on our wish list is this table. I have the crazy idea of cutting the legs down to size on our current dining table and turning it in to a kid's activity table {sort of like this}. I'm betting it wouldn't actually fit in the nursery though.

When it's time to upgrade to a big kid bed, I've got my eye on a Jenny Lind style bed frame to match the crib, since hopefully Baby will eventually share the room with a younger sibling. But maybe it would make sense to stick a twin bed in that room right away? That way at least one family member won't have to sleep on an air mattress when they're visiting.

While humidifiers may not be completely necessary, how cute are these?!

Cute Humidifiers

Okay, I officially promise to shut up about the nursery now. At least until it actually exists!

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  1. Unfortunate Christmas Song!?!? BLASPHEMY


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