Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day

This is the seventh year Adam has been my valentine. Whoa!

In our dating days, we tried to do something extra-special every year. My favorite was the year I was a freshman at Pitt and Adam was still a senior in high school. He sent me a letter on Valentine's Day and proceeded to send me one every single day until we were reunited at the end of the school year.

When we got married, we decided celebrating Valentine's Day in a big way was just too much unnecessary pressure. I mean, with Christmas, birthdays, our anniversary {and now Mother's and Father's Day!} it can just get out of hand. Besides, the little things we do for each other every day are way more romantic than big gestures.

So, for the past two years we've been keeping it simple. We use this day as an excuse to treat each other to something on our wish lists, since it's pretty much perfectly spaced between Christmas and our birthdays.

And as an excuse to go out for dinner, to the most romantic of restaurants, Chick-fil-A. {Hey, we've got to enjoy it while we can! Seattle very tragically doesn't have any.}

In the future, I think we will start making a bigger deal out of Valentine's Day again. Not for us, but for our kiddos. Winter needs all the spice it can get. And why not celebrate love? There are lots of cute ideas and traditions out there.

I hope you remember that you're loved today!

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