Baby Steps: One Month To Go!

One Month To Go

We officially have one month till d-day!

{That means weekly appointments with the obstetrician involving those oh-so-fun internal exams.}

As excited as I am to hold Baby and wear my pre-maternity clothes again, I'm not ready for he or she to arrive just yet. We've still got quite a ways to go on our baby checklist.

Luckily, not working anymore gives me plenty of time to work on all that stuff. And to catch up on sleep while I still can!


  1. Wow... that went by so fast! I'm sure it wasn't fast for you, but wow... it seems like just yesterday I read your post announcing your pregnancy! Your life is about to be very exciting!!!

  2. This photo project turned out SOOO cute! I am going to try this with my next one :)

    PS: why are you having weekly internal exams? Is everything okay?


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