Five on Friday

1. This is what "spring" break looks like in Pittsburgh.

"Spring" Break

2. In preparation for our move to Seattle, we started watching Fraiser on Netflix. And that's how all our plans for a productive spring break went out the window.

3. We used to be obsessed with hot chocolate, but lately we've been all about tea {with plenty of cream and sugar}. It reminds us of our trip to England.


4. I add some updated pictures to the "our home" tab before we get all the baby gear set up.

5. My project for the week has been washing Baby's clothes. They're so tiny! I can't wait to find out the sex so I can finally do so some shopping outside of the green & yellow arena.

Baby Clothes


  1. I just threw my first load of baby laundry in the wash! I'm actually finding that the green and yellow clothes are my favorites, although of course we have a lot of blue as well. :)

  2. you better put the baby in the giraffe outfit i gave!


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