Forty Weeks

Today is my due date. It's so crazy that Claire's been outside the womb for almost a month already!

Forty Weeks

This little weekly photo project has been a lot of fun and I'd really like to keep it up for Claire's future siblings. A few things I've learned for the next time around:

- Take the photos at the same time of day. I'll probably invest in a tripod, so Adam won't have to be around to take the picture.

- Look straight ahead instead of at the camera, that way the baby bump looks more consistent.

- When wearing a dress, put a hand under the bump. I figured this out towards the end. Wearing jeans would solve this too, but let's just say a side view is not the most flattering for my pregnancy thighs.

P.S. This collage could also be titled, "Caitlin regularly goes nine months without getting a haircut."


  1. SOOOOO CUTEEEE! please mail Claire to me!

    p.s. i like your hair length.

    and post more pictures, like right now.

  2. Allie's comments always make me laugh. I am so impressed that you stuck with this. I'll be even more impressed when you do it for all your other children! But, definitely not surprised because you are that on top of things. I hope you and the babe are well!


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