Adam's Birthday Festivities

Adam's family came into town to celebrate his graduation and birthday. But, really to meet Claire!


Claire and her grandparents. 

Claire with Adam's Siblings

Claire with her aunts and uncles. Clockwise from top left: 

- Adam's oldest brother, Jeff. He and his wife, Jenn, live in Houston, where he works for a software company and she works in the medical center. Jenn sadly couldn't make it because she's very, very pregnant with a baby girl cousin for Claire to play with. We missed you, Jenn!
- Adam's second oldest brother, Steve, and his wife, Elizabeth. They live in Pittsburgh too, where he just finished his master's in library science and she works at Pitt. But, they are leaving in September to spend a year working and traveling in South America.
- Adam's third oldest brother, Alex, and his wife, Kate. They are both graduate students at Indiana University, where he is getting his master's in public policy and she is getting her doctorate in religious studies. They are also leaving in September to spend a year studying in China.
- Last but most definitely not least, Adam's little sister, Katie, who is a very busy junior in high school.

Anyway, on to Adam's birthday. Claire and I let him sleep in and then woke him up to a breakfast of {Pillsbury} cinnamon rolls, bacon and strawberries. After breakfast, we let him open our presents - a cover for the Magnificat, a new book by one of his favorite authors, and a fun kitchen radio.

Unfortunately, he had to spend most of his birthday finishing a take-home exam. But, Adam's parents graciously watched Claire so we could have a little lunch date at our favorite Thai place.


Then, we had a fondue party for dinner! When we bought our dishes from Cath Kidston, they had matching fondue sets on clearance for $20. We thought it would be a neat family tradition to have fondue on Christmas {it's a festive dinner that doesn't require mom to spend all day in the kitchen} so we purchased two straight away.


We used this recipe for cheese fondue and had bread, carrots, broccoli and green apples for dipping. We used peanut oil {because it's less smoky than canola oil} and these sauce recipes for meat fondue, which we served with shrimp and beef tenderloin.


Of course, we had to end the day with a Dave & Andy's ice cream cake! 


  1. Aww, my family always does fondue at Christmas time! Not on Christmas Day, but there's always a fondue dinner within a week of Christmas. We do it often for my mom's birthday on Dec. 20th. So fun!

    Also I have those "B" napkins. Haha.

    Also I'm about to pull the trigger on buying an Ektorp sofa... y'all still like yours, right? Has it held up well?

    1. yep, we're still loving the ektorp! it's really comfortable. the white cover has been bleached several times and has definitely held up well. although we're planning to upgrade to a more kid-friendly gray cover soon...


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