Down South

Our trip to Houston revolved around food, family, food, friends, and food.

Our moms each took a day watching Claire so we could see a movie and go out to lunch.

Summer Movies

Can you guess which movie each of us picked? Adam's choice of lunch spots was a little place called Bill's Cafe, where they serve not-so-little steaks.

Bill's Cafe

This was a sirloin for two, but we barely managed to eat half of it. Only in Texas.

Speaking of crazy Southern food, Adam's parents threw a crawfish boil one weekend. They may look disgusting but, trust me, they are surprisingly delicious.  I was four years old when I went to my first crawfish boil and I ate so many that I made myself sick!

Crawfish Boil

One weekday, we drove downtown to meet our friends, Jake and Jamie, for lunch.

Goode's BBQ

Jake and Jamie

And met up with my dad and sister after they got off work. Allison is interning at the best cancer hospital in the world this summer. We are so proud of her!

Bombay Pizza

Bombay Pizza


We got to introduce Claire to almost all of our Texas friends. I wasn't able to snap pictures with everybody, but we're so glad that my best high school friend, Sam, and Adam's best high school friend, Nick, drove down from Dallas to see us.

Claire's Baptism Day

Adam and Nick

We also made some new friends, Katie and Jeff. We actually met them at an engagement retreat sponsored by the archdiocese about two years ago. Katie and I bunked in the same room with a couple other girls, but since the weekend was supposed to be about you and your fiance, we didn't chat much, besides discovering that we were getting married the same day.

Caitlin and Katie

A few months later, my sister emailed me a link to a blog, saying "hey! this girl is from Houston and y'all got married the same day!" Turns out, it was the very same Katie, and we've been blog friends ever since.  Katie and Jeff ended up buying a house in the same suburb our parents live in and they graciously invited us over for a Memorial Day barbecue. It was such a fun evening and so great to finally meet in person {again}!


 When we weren't eating or visiting with loved ones, you could probably find us on the couch watching episode upon episode of House Hunters. How is that show so addicting? Let's just say it's a very good thing we don't have cable.

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