Happy Birthday, Moms!

I'm a little late in wishing our moms a happy birthday via the blog because I was too busy celebrating with them in person! 

My mother-in-law's birthday was June 4. We celebrated with dinner at Landry's, a delicious seafood place in Kemah {a fun boardwalk area near the beach}. Claire's godfather, Andy, was still in town and it was actually his first time seeing the ocean! Unfortunately, baby-wrangling kept me from taking any pictures of our evening.

Claire's Baptism Day

Three Things Mom B. Loves:

Steak and Shake.

Three Things Mom B. Hates: 

Mexican Food.

My mom's birthday was June 9. We celebrated by getting family pictures taken {more on that soon!} and having a fancy no-babies-allowed dinner at the Melting Pot.

Claire's Baptism Day

Three Things Mom C. Loves:

 Mexican Food.
Talking on the Phone.
Doing Laundry.

Three Things Mom C. Hates:

Having any dirty laundry in the house.
Pumping gas {my dad always does this for her. cute, right?}
 Basically every type of fruit, except for berries.

Happy Birthday, Moms! We love you!

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