Five on Friday

Smiley Claire
1. We found a new apartment! It's just your basic two-bedroom in an apartment complex, but it's in a pretty great location. Adam will be able to bike or take public transit to work in less than a half hour. And it's also within walking distance to all the essentials for me and Claire {like a park, grocery store and library}. 

2. Flying to Seattle - the good stuff. Adam's company paid for Claire to have her own seat, which was really nice. We loved having a whole row to ourselves and she happily napped in her car seat for a good chunk of the flight. {Although, it is worth mentioning that car seat bases don't fit in airplane seats, so you'd want to pack that in your checked bags.} Claire also adjusted to the three-hour time change really quickly. She was up a little earlier than usual our first morning here, but after that she was totally fine! 

3. Flying to Seattle - the not so good stuff. Since we were last here for Adam's interview in December, the Seattle airport built an off-site rental car facility. Those are the worst! We had to take a very embarrassing shuttle ride carrying five pieces of luggage {since we are in temporary housing for a month} and pushing a stroller.  Let's just say it made us very, very happy not to be flying anywhere until Christmas. 

4. So, I had a lot of trouble getting that house tour video to upload the other day and my sister just informed me that it stopped awkwardly about a minute in. But it's finally fixed now! 

5. It can definitely get pretty gray and rainy here, but it's nothing we can't handle after the dreariness of Pittsburgh. What will take some getting used to, however, are the cool temperatures. It's July and it's still in the sixties! Claire had to get a whole new wardrobe. Not that I mind having an excuse for some baby girl shopping...


  1. Wow - Claire looks so much bigger in that picture! I'm glad y'all found a new home - how nice to be within walking distance of the park AND library!

  2. Claire! You are so tall, and bigggggg!


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