First Day of Work

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Today is Adam's first day of work! We're married, we have a baby, and now Adam has a real job. I guess we're officially grown-ups, huh? Weird. 

Today also feels like my first real day as a stay-at-home mom. Adam was in school for the first six weeks of Claire's life, but since he had an easy last semester, he was home a lot to help out. And for the last two months, we've just been enjoying summer. I've basically forgotten how to take care of this little girl on my own!

With all the traveling and the late nights seeing now-faraway friends, I can tell Claire has been seriously craving some routine. That, along with making dinner and keeping up with the laundry, is my only goal for the week.


  1. I do love that picture, so very much. You guys are SO grownup. I have two babies, but still feel like a baby myself! Enjoy your first day in your new career, both of you. :)

  2. Cookies for breakfast?! I hope that's not going to require extra Starbucks for the day. :) God bless you both!


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