Five on Friday

1. Like mother, like daughter? 

Like Mother, Like Daughter

2. I am in the midst of postpartum hair loss. I have pretty thick hair, so it's not too noticeable except for the fact that my fallen hair is all over the place. Places like wrapped around Claire's pacifier and inside Claire's diaper, just to name a few.

3. Probably my least favorite thing about Seattle so far is the self check-out situation at the grocery store. I am a fan of the self check-out because I like to bring reusable bags {since Claire and I walk to the store, the fewer bags we have to carry home, the better} and the baggers at the normal check-out tend to just treat reusable bags as regular plastic bags and fill them with, like, two cans of spaghetti sauce. So, instead of carrying home two reusable bags neatly packed, I have to carry home five reusable bags and ten more plastic bags, each with three things in them. Anyway, our grocery store in Pittsburgh had a pretty sweet self check-out lane with a whole conveyor belt and everything, so you had plenty of room to organize all your stuff. But, at the grocery store here you have to precariously stack everything in the tiny, tiny space allotted for bag loading.

Well, that was a long, pointless rant about self check-outs. Clearly, I am very particular.

4. We bit the bullet and signed up for Netflix DVD rental again. We have a Redbox nearby but the selection is laughably terrible and we are equally terrible about returning the movies the next day. We have been trying to watch a lot of the movies on the Vatican Film List. So far, we have seen Ben Hur, Chariots of Fire, and A Man For All Seasons. While not on the list, we've also enjoyed Of Gods And Men, There Be Dragons and The Way. Tonight, we are watching The Mission! What are your favorite Catholic films?

5.  Claire picked up a new trick this week - growling. It's more than a little ridiculous.

P.S. Grandparents, I uploaded a couple more cute videos. Check 'em out here!


  1. I love The Mission! We use both the DVDs and the streaming on Netflix a lot, it was worth it to us to pay the extra money. :)

  2. oh my goodness, I forgot all about post-partum hair loss until I read this...I should be getting it soon too! Isn't it funny how it waits until NOW, five or six months after baby to come out? I suppose it's better than right after the baby....losing hair might be too much to handle then!


You are awesome.