The Rest of Allie's Visit

 We baked the Pioneer Woman's orange rolls and mocha brownies.

Pioneer Woman's Orange Rolls

Pioneer Woman's Mocha Brownies

And these soft pretzels. Claire definitely approved.

Soft Pretzels are Claire Approved;

We made an Ikea trip for frames and other little things. They were sold out of these spice racks! Do you think it's directly related to Pinterest?

Ikea Shopping Trip

We found lots of thrifted treasures. It's the only time Claire gets stuff from Baby Gap.

Cute Thriting Finds

Wouldn't this toy kitchen be awesome with a little paint and some crafty magic? I wish it could have come home with us.


We also picked out more fabric for Claire's monthly photos. 

Fabric for Claire's Monthly Photos

We miss you already, Aunt Allie!


Thanks so much for your help and much-needed company over the past two weeks! 

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  1. You two are such cute sisters! I have yet to make the jump to the orange rolls: the cinnamon rolls have been such hits that I'm afraid to vary at all. Can't mess with success, right?


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