Anything Goes Art

So, in our new apartment we have this hallway leading from the living room, dining room and kitchen to the bedrooms and bathroom. Our first apartment was basically one giant room, so hallways are a new thing for us! And, of course, it needed some art. 

Hallway Art Sept 2012

I wanted our little gallery wall to be meaningful and Adam wanted it to be cheap, so we came up with:

Hallway Art Sept 2012

Canvas prints of our families from Arts Cow, my favorite only-slightly-sketchy source.

Hallway Art Sept 2012

- Number stickers stuck to wrapping paper, representing important family dates. 
- Our hand prints, just on the back of the sheet of paper that came with the frame.
- A favorite saying that we could certainly use daily reminding of. I just downloaded a fun font and ran the wrapping paper right through the printer. 

Hallway Art Sept 2012

Postcards from all the states we've visited together. I found a set of fifty on eBay and plan to add more over time.

Hallway Art Sept 2012

- Scrabble tiles mounted on wrapping paper. 
- Photo strips, one from the night Adam proposed and one from our big five-year dating anniversary.
- A vintage Orangina ad, found at a flea market while were were studying in France.

Sorry the lighting is so crappy in these photos! This area doesn't get much natural light. Not that we have a whole lot of natural light to begin with...


  1. aww so cute! I've always been a fan of that adorable Orangina ad!

  2. those canvases were $16?! is this real life??

    1. I know, right?! Those are 11x14 so they were actually $17.99. That site is a little sketchy (your package will be postmarked from Hong Kong) but the price can't be beat. And there's always free shipping too!

  3. Cute! I love the handprints!


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