Five on Friday

Absolutely nothing interesting happened this week. After the crazy spring and summer we've had, boring feels pretty good. So, we'll make this post all about Claire. She's the real star of the show anyway, right? 


1. She had her first real friendly encounter with another baby this week. There's a little girl at our church play group that's a few months older than Claire. In the past, Claire has been absolutely terrified of her {they are, um, on opposite sides of the weight spectrum} but this week Claire reached over to pat her face. It quickly turned into slapping each other, which is apparently quite hilarious in the baby world. 

2. Claire is so, so close to sitting up on her own. She is getting really tired of being limited to her back and tummy during playtime. I know she will be much happier when she's finally mastered it!

3. In solid food news, she's now tried avocado, zucchini, peas and squash. And Ritz crackers. So, clearly consistency is our middle name.


4. We figured it's about time for our daughter to start pitching in with the housework. She's already been put to work making the bed. Folding the laundry is the next item on her list. 


5. Well, it is getting colder here and I'm pretty sure Claire is desperate need of an animal hat, so I am off to scour Etsy. Happy Friday!  

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  1. I'm in denial of my own girls growing up, but just as much about Claire! And her babbles giggle is quite precious!


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