Five on Friday

1. I may have gone a little crazy at Target's cardigan sale this week. I am so impressed with moms that actually try on clothes at the store with their kids. My only shopping strategy is baby wearing. The secret to keeping Claire entertained long enough to do some just-for-fun browsing {and also the secret to her mom avoiding emotional eating}.

Target Cardigans

2. There are two television shows I watch without Adam - Parenthood and Downton Abbey. A girl's got to watch something while ironing, right? Friday Night Lights used to be on this list as well, but he eventually realized it's awesomeness. Anyway, I finally convinced Adam to watch Downton Abbey with me! Although, the fine print is that I have to watch a show of his choosing. I have a feeling it will be this one.  Judging by the amount of tears he sees me shed during every episode of Parenthood, I don't think he'll be joining be for that one anytime soon...

French Magnificat

3. When we were changing our address for magazine subscriptions back in August, we signed up for a free copy of the Magnificat in French just for the heck of it. Two months later, a package from Belgium showed up in our mailbox! We like to fantasize about teaching Claire some French, but that would require us actually remembering some of it. 

4. This post really got me thinking about mothering this week. I have been trying to wake up significantly earlier than Claire to get prepared for the day, but haven't made as much progress as I'd like. One morning this week, I was being a grump because I had yet again failed in my resolution and my sweet husband just couldn't understand where I was coming from. But, I think this post perfectly describes my feelings towards the importance of being ready to face the day.

5. My sister has been very insistent in her demands for a new video of Claire. Well, that silly girl has recently figured out how to smile for the camera. So when I pull out the video camera, she just sits there and smiles. Not so interesting. But to appease the masses {aka my sister and parents} here is two minutes of Claire just doing her thing. And you can find a few more here, too!


  1. Keith downloaded the first three episodes of this season's Downton Abbey for me, watched the first two with me, and then told me I wasn't allowed to watch any more without him. :)

    As for Battlestar Galactica, I watched that while nursing Michael his first few months of life, and I enjoyed it. :)

    That video is too cute!! What a sweetheart! She's really getting herself around ... Michael has rolled over a grad total of four times, and I don't think he knows how he did it. :-P Does she often keep herself entertained that well?

    1. She has gotten really great at entertaining herself lately! If I'm lucky she will keep herself busy for half an hour or so.

      Enjoy Micheal's immobility while you can; it is getting impossible to change Claire's diaper with her rolling over constantly!

  2. did you see the polka dot sweaters they have at target right now?!


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