Five on Friday

1. Having visitors last weekend gave me an excuse for my favorite fall meal - southwest chili {perfect for tomato haters like myself}, cornbread muffins, salad, and apple pie with vanilla ice cream. Y'all have got to try the Pioneer Woman's caramel apple pie!

Caramel Apple Pie

2. Claire can make it about halfway through Mass before getting fussy, at which point we usually take turns walking around with her. So, on Sunday, I'm walking around with her in the back of the church and I give her a brochure to play with, which she of course immediately puts her in mouth. We're just minding our own business when another parent {who I have never seen before} walks up, takes the paper away from Claire, and says "Oh, I wanted to make sure she wasn't eating that." What?! To clarify, it was really thick paper, so she couldn't actually chew through it. When I pointed the other dad out to Adam in the parking lot, he said that he should go over to the guy and say "Oh, I wanted to make sure you were buckling those car seats correctly."

3. Someone's been really into scooting lately. I am not ready to have a mobile baby! Seriously, though. She's already figured out how to get to the cords behind the tv. We really need to get on the baby-proofing train.

4. Isn't it amazing how God always knows exactly what you need? Claire is cutting her first tooth, which means a disrupted sleep schedule and two grumpy girls in the house. When your baby wakes up from her morning nap at 7:30 am, you know it's going to be a very long day. So, yesterday afternoon we made a trip to grocery store across the street for no reason at all, as we are wont to do on cold and rainy days. While I was taking my sweet time wandering through the aisles, Claire got a strangely huge amount of attention from the other shoppers. Of course, I am a proud mom and think I have the cutest child in the world, but that is not the point of this story. The point is that I just really needed to be reminded of how blessed I am to have such a sweet baby in order to face the rest of that long day. Because you know her fussy side came out again as soon as it was just the two of us!

Halloween Costumes Hint

5. Can you guess what we are going to be for Halloween?


  1. I bet Claire will be crawling by this time next month!! Crazy!!! Michael still hasn't mastered rolling over. :-P

    1. She is not interested in sitting up at all, though! Whenever I put her in a sitting position, she's like "oh, what's that?" and scoots away!

  2. Babies are so funny! Amelia's been rolling for two months, but she's so fast and precise at it now, that she quickly abandons her frustrated attempts at crawling. And sitting... well, it's over-rated from my point of view. It inevitably leads to falling over, head-bumping, and crying. Sitting is only good for getting the bowels moving. And even then, sometimes it's a messy outcome. Overshare?

    Can't guess about Halloween, but if I saw Claire gnawing away at a brochure, I'd probably walk over and say "yum, yum, yum!" Amelia totally loves paper, too. No judgements.

  3. Ketchup and mustard!


You are awesome.