Eight Months With Claire

Eight Months Official

 Knocking over towers of blocks.
Saying grace.
Reading her three favorite Sandra Boynton books.
Banging her sippy cup against her high chair tray.
Shoes, especially chewing on them.
Bread and yogurt.
Laughing at people, including herself, when they sneeze.
Finding and springing the doorstops.

Peace and quiet. 
Reading anything other than her three favorite books.
Staying in the pew during Mass.
When she's not allowed to have something, particularly the hymnal.
Laying still while her diaper's changed.
Cutting teeth.

New Tricks: 
Chewing with her two new bottom teeth.
Climbing over the armrest on the couch.
Scooting everywhere, all the time.
Rocking on all fours, but still figuring out the forward motion aspect.
Supporting herself in a standing position after being helped up.
Sitting on her own, before she gets bored and scoots off to find a shoe or a doorstop.

Eight Months Collage

P.S. Here are the rest of her monthly reports!


  1. Too cute!! (And Michael likes saying grace too ... isn't that funny?)


You are awesome.