Five on Friday

 1. Last Saturday, I went to a conference on vocations and learned lots of good stuff about this motherhood thing from Jennifer Fulwiler! I felt really ridiculous, but I had to ask her to sign this book for me. Also, I drove over the Tacoma Narrows bridge to get there and I didn't die, so that's good. I'm super grateful to Adam for hanging out with Claire the whole day! Although, why did she have to pick that day to nap for {a total of} five hours?

Frassati Conference

2. Another day, another random purchase from the Target dollar spot that I just couldn't resist.

Dollar Spot Find

3. Claire has officially spent just as long in the world as she spent in the womb!

2/3 of a year!

4. We went to visit Adam at work this week to check out his new office. {He used to have an office mate, but now he has the place all to himself.} The picture on the left {courtesy of my sister's cell phone} is from the beginning of August. Claire has changed so much already! Something I wish I had taken a picture of while we were visiting is the room full of refrigerators stocked with free soda. That would be terrible for my Diet Dr. Pepper obsession.

Visiting Daddy's Work

5.  Remember how I mentioned that I was really trying to wake up before Claire so I could prepare for the day? Well, I think we can officially call that a failure. No matter what time she went to sleep at night or what time we set our alarm for in the morning, Claire always wakes up ten minutes after our alarm goes off. We turned the volume way down and even kicked our snooze button habit, but to no avail. It must still be waking her up, because when we don't set an alarm on the weekends, she sleeps in much longer. So, I guess I will be working on my internal clock...


  1. when i saw those glasses the other day, i thought of y'all! claire is so big!

  2. Set your phone on vibrate? I do that when I want to wake up without waking Tim.

    I'd love to hear more about the conference (future post?)!

  3. I looooooooove Diet Dr. Pepper!

  4. Seriously, I love the fabric. You have an eye for all things snazzy! Also, Claire looks like such a big kid in that picture at Adam's desk - I can't believe how big all of the babes are getting!


You are awesome.