Thankful #1: The Basics

Dining Room Oct. 2012

Okay, this post title makes me feel pretty silly, because we have so, so much more than the basics. Although we pay roughly four times the rent of our old apartment in Pittsburgh, I am very grateful for our new place in a safe Seattle suburb. I am thankful for our two bedrooms, much larger bathroom with actual counter space, and our very own laundry room that doesn't require quarters. I am so glad that our building has an elevator and that our pantry, closets, and toy baskets are always stocked. I am thankful for our reliable little car. I am grateful that Adam can easily take the bus to work {and that work gives him a free bus pass!} so I can have that car most of the time. When Adam does occasionally need the car, I am really glad we live within walking distance to the library, grocery store, post office, and even a craft store!

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