Five on Friday

Our Little Duckling

1. I couldn't resist throwing that picture in! But, really, the nice thing about being recruited on-campus to work for a company on the other side of the country is that there's a good chance some of your friends will end up working there too. Two friends from the Newman Center will most likely be interning this summer and some friends-of-friends are moving here for a full-time position in the spring! 

2. I've been reading a neat book about the liturgical year by Maria Von Trapp {yes, from The Sound of Music!} that I found in the EWTN archives and uploaded to our Kindle. Did you know that in England the first Sunday of Advent used to be called "Stirring Sunday" because that's when the plum pudding had to be made to be ready in time for Christmas?

Cool Advent Calendars

3. Speaking of Advent, our friend {and my sister's roommate} Kailin gave us a really pretty advent calendar for our first married Christmas. I'm so looking forward to Claire being able to enjoy things like finding an ornament in the calendar each day to hang on the tree. Eventually, I'd really like to make a second Advent calendar that has a little more spiritual significance, like these ones with a nativity scene or a Jesse tree.

4. Claire loves, love, loves fruit and yogurt, but she's not a huge fan of vegetables. She makes the funniest face when she tries something that doesn't agree with her.

5. We are hiring a real babysitter for the first time tomorrow. Wish us luck!


  1. we're doing a jesse tree this year and i LOVE it. of course, isaac henry doesn't pay attention at all, but maybe he hears something?? and yay for a babysitter! have fun!

  2. Ahhh, Claire is adorable! Also I just got y'all's Christmas card and it's so cute! I love the timeline!

  3. Hilarious Little Claire!


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