Date Night

On Saturday night, we hired a babysitter for the first time and went to Adam's company party. We've been lucky to have quite a few dates since Claire arrived, when family members offered to watch her. But we've haven't been out on our own since August, when my sister was visiting, so we were really looking forward to this! 

Finding our babysitter was kind of amazing. Adam's little sister, Katie, went to a summer camp a few years ago and became good friends with a girl who lives in our little Seattle suburb. They kept in touch since then and when Katie came to visit in October, we got to meet her and realized she would be perfect for the job. 

Ready for the Christmas Party

As you can see, someone was a little sad to see us go. Claire is not very friendly around new people {she's only okay with her music teacher and other moms at playgroup holding her} but we didn't hear any screaming as we left, she was asleep when we got home, and the babysitter said she'd do it again. So, I'd say it was a success! 

The party was a lot of fun. Adam works for a really, really big company. He only sees about fifty people on a regular basis, but there are 8,000 people in his division and they were each allowed to bring a date. So, it was a huge party! And we only ran into one of his coworkers the whole time we were there. We took advantage of not knowing anyone and sang karaoke for the first time. We're living on the wild side over here! 

 Company Christmas Party

Also, the party was Batman-themed. So this happened.

The other highlight of our weekend was getting smartphones! Adam's company makes them, among many other things, and just released a new version, so they gave all their employees vouchers to get one at their respective carriers. We planned on just getting that free one for him and maybe switching phones occasionally when I was driving somewhere new {because I've called Adam at work more than a few times, crying about how I have no idea where I am}. But, we realized that we get a 25% company discount off our phone bill that we should have been taking advantage of, so for the amount we thought we'd be paying to add one data plan, we could add two!

Adam doesn't work for Apple {we don't live in California}, so I wasn't planing on getting an iPhone, but we thought it would be nice to do be able to rent videos to hopefully keep Claire occupied for a bit on airplanes and it seemed like iTunes was the easiest way to do that.

Instagram Addicted

Well, all my dreams have officially come true. Of course, I promptly signed up for Instagram. I am @adamcaitlinburch. And already a little addicted...


  1. Okay, that blog post about the IPhone. hilarious. And, I do hope you have a blog post about that fabulous piece above your fireplace!

    1. Sometime this week, for sure!

  2. I am also very interested in the above-the-fireplace art! And I'd love to know which phone you decided on... Jeff's about to get a new one, and we're pretty sure that'll be our first iPhone, and we're trying to decide if we should go with the 4s or the 5... I think the 4s is more than sufficient... but he wants the latest and greatest. Haha.

    1. I just went with the 4S. I actually almost got the 4 because it was free with an upgrade and I thought, well, any smartphone is going to be better than my current super cheap flip phone. But, I went the 4S for Siri and because the 4 was supposed to have lots of dropped call problems. The guy at the store told me that if you've never used an iPhone before, you won't notice much difference between the 4S and 5 {besides the fact the 5 is bigger, I suppose}.

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  4. Oh my gosh, too funny! Now that you have achieved all of your life goals, do you have some new ones lined up?

    (Also the deleted comment from thedanglingcoversation was me. Matt's gmail was logged in and so I accidentally commented from his non-existent blog from several years back. Sorry!)


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