Five on Friday

1. Another apartment update that I didn't get to share with y'all the other day is our new cabinet in the dining room! It was also a very generous Christmas gift from my parents, thanks to an awesome Target furniture sale. Our holiday/special occasion dishes and table linens are stored inside. It doesn't look like much now, but we also want it to serve as a family altar of sorts. We're planning to get a stand for our family bible and get that painting matted in a bigger frame. Hopefully painting that annoying, pointless light switch the same color as the wall will make it blend it more?

Dining Room Dec. 2012

Dining Room Dec. 2012

 2. Well, I think we are the only people in America who still have leftover turkey from Thanksgiving. In addition to turkey pot pie and turkey enchiladas, we've also had turkey fried rice and turkey taquitos. We have just enough left to make your turkey soup, Katie! 

Chocolate Cheddar Cheese

3. Another day, another impulse buy at Trader Joe's. I couldn't pass up this combo of my two favorite things. It's...interesting. Adam wasn't a fan, but I think it's definitely worth a try. 

Found Mommy's Purse

4. Our poor little girl got her first fever this week. We had one rough day, but thankfully she got over it really quickly and was back to her usual antics, like getting stuck under the couch and digging through mama's purse for her keys the very next day. 

5. Speaking of Claire's crazy antics, look at how fast she can scoot down the hallway! When Adam is getting ready for work in the mornings, she loves to scoot her way down there and tap on the door until he lets her in, ha ha!


  1. Mommy and Daddy had/have that exact same cabinet already!

  2. The cabinet definitely ties the bookshelves together - love it! We want to have a spot in our home where the Bible/statues/religious art goes too, maybe in our next apartment!


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