Ten Months With Claire

10 Months Official

Cheese, bread, and fruit.
Playing with toys in the bath.
Reading menus at restaurants.
Banging her head against things on purpose.
Unwrapping Christmas presents very, very slowly.
Terrorizing Grandma and Grandpa's dog, Sophie.
Going on the slides and swings at the park.
Soothing herself to sleep by standing up and shouting in her crib for up to an hour.
Chasing down the parent who's busy doing something, while ignoring the one who's trying to play with her. 

Holding still.
Sleeping in unfamiliar locations.
Having snot sucked out of her nose.
Banging her head against things not on purpose.
Being confined to her parents' laps and expected to sleep in their arms on plane rides.
Anyone other than her parents trying to hold her.

New Tricks:
Pulling up to standing.
Eating finger food instead of purees.  
Chewing with her new two front teeth.
Crawling on all fours as her main form of transportation.
Getting into a sitting position on her own.
Clapping and waving on occasion. 

10 Months Collage

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