Eleven Months With Claire

Eleven Months Official

Shaking her head. 
Her car seat blanket.
Playing on the couch.  
Her musical turtle, a Christmas gift from Aunt Katie.
Emptying all the dishes out of cabinets and drawers.
Tearing pictures off the photo wall in the dining room.
Sweet potatoes! Sort of a vegetable, right?
Reading "Brown Bear, Brown Bear."

Getting dressed.
Any sort of hair accessory. 
When "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" is over.
When people wear sunglasses and when Mommy wears glasses.  

New Tricks:
Requesting hugs. 
Drinking out of a sippy cup.
Chewing with her third top tooth.
Turning the pages and lifting the flaps of books.
Throwing tantrums when she doesn't get her way, complete with back-arching and breath-holding.

Eleven Months Collage


  1. requesting hugs? so, so precious!! I can only hope Amelia learns that! And what kind of sippy cup did you have success with?

  2. Claire is looking so mature this month! Definitely looking more like a toddler!


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