Five on Friday

Walking the grocery cart all the way to our doorstep. Super classy.

1. We live right across the street from the grocery store. We also live on the second floor of  our building, although there is an elevator, thank goodness! Claire and I used to pop over twice a week and just load everything into the stroller basket. But our schedule changed a bit and I was seriously worried the stroller basket was going to break at any moment, so we tried something new. Now we just go once a week and bring the cart across the street, in the elevator, and all the way up to our door. Then we have to walk back and return the cart and then come home to unpack all the groceries. It's a little ridiculous!

2. With Lent starting next week, I've been thinking about Easter lately. I want Easter to be just as special as Christmas in our family and I've been pondering how to best accomplish that. One of the first things we're lacking is any sort of Easter decorations! I'm not a huge fan of the normal bunny and chick figurines, but I want to slowly amass a collection of Easter decor. I purchased this Rifle Paper Co. garland to start with. I've also been thinking about sending Easter cards {although probably to an abbreviated version of our Christmas card list}. You know I'm sucker for Shutterfly's cute designs and, of course, plentiful coupons. The wheels are already turning for a little photo shoot of Claire in bunny ears...

3. Claire has been eating mostly table food now, which we are all loving. I try to just give her what we're eating, or at least a variation of it. She's pretty adventurous, except when it comes to vegetables. Sweet potatoes are the only veggie {and are they actually more of a grain?} that she'll touch. In the video above, she's digging into red beans and rice but carefully leaving every carrot on her tray. She's a funny one. 

4. It's no secret that we watch a lot of tv. We've gotten into a few spy/crime shows over the past couple months. We're pretty big fans of White Collar and are kinda super obsessed with this new show, The Americans. Well, we stumbled upon the first episode on Hulu, but it turns out the rest aren't available online. You guys, I am so, so sad! Almost sad enough to try to convince Adam to get cable.

Sweetly snoring.

5. The nursery recently got a new addition - this pretty growth chart from Etsy. I love it and I'm so excited about marking Claire's height on her first birthday. And every birthday to come!


  1. Michael loves veggies more than fruit. It's kind of funny. I guess he's his papa's boy. :)

    The garland is really pretty!

  2. Such a cute video! You know what, I've never had red beans and rice before?!


You are awesome.