Pelmet Boxes

We finally have window treatments! I thought normal curtains would look weird with our windows and I don't love ruffly valances, so we tried pelmet boxes. Can you guess what they're made from?

Nursery Feb 2013

The answer would be foam poster board and duct tape. Yep! We followed this tutorial from Little Green Notebook and are pretty pleased with the results. My only advice is that you might have to figure out a different hanging method than the one she used, depending on how wide your windows are. We ended up adding another tiny piece of poster board to the sides that was flush against the wall, poking a hole in that, and using regular nails to attach the whole thing. Does that make sense?

Bedroom Feb 2013

The ones in our bedroom are a little matchy-matchy with the desk chair right now. I found five yards of that fabric for a song a few years ago, so it's popped up quite frequently since then. We are planning to upgrade the desk chair to something with arms soon-ish.

Living Room Feb 2103

Living Room Feb 2103

Ignore the bikes on the patio right now. Our building is getting new bike racks, so they were temporarily relocated up here. Here's the living room fabric and here's the nursery fabric. Though I wouldn't recommend using a striped or chevron print because it's so hard to keep straight! You can definitely how tell how uneven it is in the nursery, but that's okay. I don't think Claire will notice.

Remember how I mentioned wanting a steam cleaner? Well, I was not joking one bit. Thanks to the combination of baby spit-up and cheap carpeting, our floors were super gross and it was driving us crazy. We were planning to order this carpet cleaner from Amazon, but I happened to find it on clearance at Target for $45 cheaper.

We cleaned them this weekend and it made a world of difference! Well, actually I cleaned them while Adam took Claire on a really long walk. I broke it into two days {the main living area on Saturday and the bedrooms on Sunday} and it only took about an hour each time.

The carpets aren't absolutely perfect, but it made such a big improvement. You have no idea how happy this makes me! Although the whole situation has made me start a future house wish list. The first and only item - wood floors. 


  1. Your decorating skills are great. You're house is so put together! This is me trying to not be jealous! :)

  2. And me failing to not be jealous. I miiiiight just have to put up a few of those. Even if there's only 3 months left... if they only cost a few dollars and hours... that's fine, right? Eh?

  3. Those turned out so amazing!!! I'll need your decorating advice when I move somewhere new next year!

  4. I'm really happy with the way it was packed too. It seems solid and well made except the brushes
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