A Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Today started off pretty well. We dropped Adam off at work and headed to Costco to sign up for a membership. I was excited, as it's kind of the ticket into the official stay-at-home mom club. Well, as we pull into the Costco parking lot, Claire projectile vomits all over the backseat. I used the five dried-out diaper wipes and two-sizes-too-small outfit in my bag {super prepared mom over here!} to remedy the situation as best I could. We still went inside to get our membership, so we could purchase an extra-large package of wipes to clean things up slightly better {which is staying in the car so this situation is avoided next time}. I drove home in the terrible-smelling car, fed Claire a very bland lunch of applesauce and puffs, and got her into the bath. Of course, she picked today to poop in the tub for the first time...

This morning Claire threw up all over the backseat and then pooped in the tub. It's a chocolate chip cookie kinda day.

Once nap time officially and blissfully commenced, I decided chocolate chip cookies were most definitely in order. While making the dough, I got to thinking about how everyone seems to have at least one recipe that they're "known for." Nobody makes blueberry muffins or pecan rolls like my grandma. And a visit to Adam's grandparents in Florida isn't complete without coconut shrimp or peppermint ice cream. I'm not sure if you usually decide to get really good at making a certain thing or if just kind of happens, but I wouldn't mind being known for my chocolate chip cookie skills. I was feeling lazy today, so these are the recipe on the back of the Nestle Toll House package. They were pretty flat and a little too crunchy, so I think I have a ways to go!


  1. Try using Crisco (butter flavored if you have it) for 1/2 of the butter. Your cookies will be softer. Also, watch your baking time. You might be over-doing it a touch. If you store cooled cookies on a plate covered with Saran Wrap overnight, they might also lose a bit of the crunch. Good luck!

  2. i use the recipe with a pack of pudding mix in it. and it really is the best. people are always saying stuff like "THIS is the chocolate chip cookie i want my kids to grow up eating." that's huge!

  3. This can be hard, but put the dought in the fridge for an hour or so before baking it. It makes them way softer!

  4. Aww I'm sorry you had such a rough day! I have a recipe on my blog called "Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies." It's from our Catholic sorority cookbook at A&M, and they're pretty tasty! http://www.spiralsandspatulas.com/2011/01/best-ever-chocolate-chip-cookies.html

    Also I have to tell you that I paid for Flickr Pro the other day and I like it so far! Uploading images takes way longer than uploading through Blogger/Picasa, but it's way cheaper and I just start it uploading before I go to sleep and then I don't notice that it takes forever. Anyway, thanks for answering all of my many questions about that!!


You are awesome.